Haruki Murakami

Alvast 1 reden waarom ik Murakami de beste schrijver van het moment vind, escapisme in zijn zuiverste vorm:

"When I was 15," Miss Saeki says with a smile, "all I wanted was to go off to some other world, a place beyond anybody's reach. A place beyond the flow of time."
"But there's no place like that in this world."
"Exactly. Which is why I'm living here, in this world where things are forever being damaged, where the heart is fickle, where time flows past without a break." As if hinting at the flow of time, she's silent for a while. "You know, though," she goes on, "when I was 15, I thought there had to be a place like that in the world. I was sure that somewhere I'd run across the entrance that would take me to that other world."
"Were you lonely when you were 15?"
"In a sense, I guess. I wasn't alone, but I was terribly lonely. Because I knew that I would never be happier then I was then. That much I knew for sure. That's why I wanted to go - just as I was - to some place where there was no time."

 (uit Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami)

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Gepost door: Life is a dance | 28-10-07

i'm still searching for that place i guess...

Gepost door: jeronimo | 29-10-07

de naieveling in mezelf is daar nog altijd naar op zoek.

Gepost door: beate | 29-10-07

ik heb Murakami zelf nog maar pas 'ontdekt' en wel door een verhaaltje van hem over Tv-people, waar onze lerares Algemene Literatuurwetenschappen stukjes uit voorlas. Can't wait to read more! Maar wel in Nederlandse vertaling dan ;-)

Gepost door: Laan | 30-10-07

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